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At Stoney Clover Lane we believe that everything should have a place & every accessory should be a moment for self-expression—that's why almost every single one of our pieces can be personalized with our signature patches. Simply pick your product & color, browse our collection of letters and icon style patches, & arrange them on your piece with our online customizer. After you've completed your design, either add it to your cart to checkout, or start your next creation! Once you place your order, we gather your bag & pouches, create your custom creations by hand, pack it up and ship it directly to your door.

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Stoney clover lane about us

Our go-to range of travel bags, Pouches & accessories are known as our Classics. Consider these your favorite suitcase-stuffers, commuter buddies & on-the-go essentials. All of our Classic products are available in our 14 classic colors- from Flamingo to Noir.

We also have seasonal collections that launch throughout the year which feature limited-edition clors & patterns & sometimes completely new silhouettes!

Visit our online customizer to create your own perfectly personalized SCL piece!

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