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About Us

Since 2009, Stoney Clover Lane has delighted fans with their Bracelets, made to be stacked upon each other in a trendy wrist full of bright colors and sparkle, or mixed with your other fave bracelets for a look that’s totally you. With their two fashion-forward brains always abuzz with ideas, sisters Kendall & Libby Glazer release new arm candy all the time, both online and in their summer pop-up shops in LA and NYC.

Because of their gutsy, gung-ho attitudes (plus just a wee bit of twitter stalking) they now find their SCL charms a fave on the wrists of celebrities like Miley & Noah Cyrus, Justin Beiber, Selena Gomez, Kim & Khloe Kardashian, Lucy Hale, John Mayer, Michele Obama and many more. They’ve been featured on Marie Claire, US Magazine, InTouch, People Style Watch, Coco Perez, Cosmo Girl and countless more, continuing to expand their young-entrepreneurial reach further each day.

They’ve also designed exclusive lines with Lucy Hale, Shenae Grimes and Honor Society, all to benefit charitable causes, which is a huge part of what makes Stoney Clover Lane so special. Since the start of the business, as soon as they saw their dreams approaching to become reality, Ken+Lib knew right away they wanted to give back. That’s when they discovered Dream Foundation, which they’ve donated a percentage of their sales to since 2009, granting more than 50 wishes to help families in need. They also give a portion of sales to Emily’s Entourage, a charity started to help find a cure for cystic fibrosis.


Much of their success has been brought by luck, but even more is due to the love they’ve put into Stoney Clover Lane. The fuel for their business is their desire to give more and more back to those in need, and to see how they’ve inspired other young women out there to follow their big dreams, too. These passionate young sisters are living proof that with just a little luck+love, you can go a long way.

Hey! We’re Ken+Lib, the two fashion obsessed sisters behind all the charm here at Stoney Clover Lane.

We had no idea we were going to start our own business that summer day in 2009, sitting cross-legged on the bedroom floor together. Tired of the tabloid trends we were seeing, we’ve always thought of jewelry as a form of self-expression and wanted what we were wearing to say something different- so we made ourselves some bracelets, just for fun.

Soon after, with wrists stacked full of our new arm candy, fate placed us face-to-face with Taylor Swift and we thought, “let’s give her a bracelet!” (Something to remember us by?) We freaked when we saw her wearing it in a photoshoot a few days later (OMG!) and posted it on Facebook. Everyone we knew wanted one, including our Aunt who asked us to make some sets for friends and we decided, “why not sell them to her?” Just like that, our biz was born, and it’s been growing like crazy ever since.

Named after the street we grew up on, Stoney Clover Lane definitely has luck on its side, but we think its awesome success comes from all the love we put into it.

We love what we do, making colorful tokens that brighten days in more ways than one- since the beginning, we’ve donated a portion of our sales to Dream Foundation to help make other people’s dreams come true. We’re still pinching ourselves that we’re able to grant wishes to those in need, just by following our own dreams, and can’t believe we get to call this our “job” because of how much fun we have each day, and how amazing it feels to be able to give back!

We’re so lucky to find our wishes coming true before our eyes, and hope to pass a bit of that luck+love to you, through everything we make, so that you keep wishing and keep believing that yours will come true, too.