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About Us

Stoney Clover Lane, founded by sisters Kendall and Libby Glazer, reimagines everyday organization through their line of travel accessories designed to spark self-expression.

Instantly personal, thanks to fun, coordinating patches and customization options, the range of must-have essentials includes pouches, duffels, and backpacks, as well as small accessories like luggage tags, passport cases, and notebooks. Since 2009, their candy-colored classics and personalized patches have become well-known for bringing some much-needed personality to the highly uniform category of accessories. Explore and shop SCL exclusives on, at the Palm Beach, East Hampton, and New York City flagships, and retailers such as ShopBop, Saks Fifth Avenue, and Bloomingdales.

Kendall + Libby

As frequent fliers that love to keep things lighthearted and labeled, Kendall and Libby expanded the brand to include vibrant lifestyle and travel accessories to help customers stay organized on the go.

Their colorful collection soon offered a buzzworthy assortment of patches inspired by their love of travel, sports, beauty, and fashion to allow guests endless personalization options for creating gifts and celebrating milestones.
Kendall and Libby serve as co-CEOs and co-Creative Directors. Utilizing their natural business savvy, strong point of view, and keen attention to detail, they wear many hats at SCL HQ. You can find them choosing the next seasonal deliveries and limited-edition collaborations, reviewing store designs, and brainstorming new and exciting brand extensions. Libby also enjoys discovering and curating third-party products for the stores, while Kendall likes to interact with customers directly, whether helping to create the perfect gift in-store or answering questions on Instagram about all things SCL.

Both Kendall and Libby are graduates of Tulane University and currently reside in NYC. You can find the founders and co-Creative Directors running the company from their NYC headquarters, at their brick and mortar stores in Palm Beach and East Hampton, or down the street at their NYC pop-up, all while sharing their (well-accessorized) journey with their 110,000 Instagram followers.