How to Customize the Bag

Our new customization tool allows you to design and create your bags/pouches exactly how you want them!


Step 1
Choose the bag or pouch you want to customize!
Step 2
To place the patches on the product you're customizing Click and Drag the item over the bag/pouch. Please make sure patches don't overlap!
Step 3
Use the tools to adjust, position, rotate, or remove your patch and replace them.
Step 4
Simply checkout, and we do the rest! Your bag will arrive to your door sewn exactly how you designed it!

*Please note the SCL team works hard to make your creation come to life! There may be slight alterations to your layout depending on how patches may need to be sewn and fit onto the product.

Make sure you share your product or Save it to your wish list.

Happy Customizing!
The SCL team.