Luck + Love

Hey! We're Ken+Lib, the two fashion
obsessed sisters behind all the charm
here at Stoney Clover Lane.
We had no idea we were going to start our own business that summer day in 2009, sitting cross-legged on the
bedroom floor together. Tired of the
tabloid trends we were seeing,
we've always thought of jewelry as
a form of self-expression and wanted what we were wearing to say
something different- so we made
ourselves some bracelets, just for fun.
Soon after, with wrists stacked
full of our new arm candy, fate placed us
face-to-face with Taylor Swift and we thought, "let's give her a bracelet!" (Something to remember us by?)
We freaked when we saw her wearing it in a photoshoot a few days later (OMG!) and posted it on Facebook. Everyone
we knew wanted one, including our
Aunt who asked us to make some
sets for friends and we decided,
"why not sell them to her?" Just like
that, our biz was born, and it's been growing like crazy ever since.
Named after the street we grew up
on, Stoney Clover Lane definitely
has luck on its side, but we think its
awesome success comes from all the
love we put into it.